Family vjunovyh


Vjun . The length - to 25 sm, weight - till 200 Eats detritom, vegetative and animal forages. Catch basically poplavochnymi fishing tackles on a worm.


Golets . The length - to 15 sm, weight - till 20 Eats ground bespozvonochnymi, seaweed and organic detritom, and also caviar of fishes. Catch it poplavochnoj a fishing tackle on a worm.


ShChipovka . Длина-8-10 sm, weight - 5-10 Eat various ground organisms, hearts, seaweed. Weed fish, meat edible. It is possible to catch in coastal water plants melkojacheistym a net. On a hook the small fish is very hardy, is used in quality zhivtsa.