Family zmeegolovyh


Zmeegolov . Predatory fish. Survives at extremely heats (+ 40 degrees). It is omnivorous. At molodi in the length to 50 mm in a food fishes in the size to 20 sm, insects and their larvae, seaweed prevail zooplanktonic and bentosnye organisms. Larger individuals - it is exclusive predators. They consume not only fish, but also tadpoles, frogs, baby birds, wild ducks etc. eats weed fish, frogs, tadpoles, Crustacea. Zmeegolov reaches weights of 10-12 kg, lengths more It ripens than 1 m. at the age of 2-3 years. Spawning in June - July. It is caught the same as also a pike perch, a pike, a perch.