Tackles for fishing

Now, when we know that, such water what wait for it a trouble and as us to it to concern not to cause harm to this inhabitancy of fishes, we know about fauna protection, we know, what fish lives in our reservoirs and than it eats, it is possible to start fishing safely. It is necessary to be prepared for fishing and, having waited a day off, to go on small river or pond coast. It is quite good, if by this time you have a membership card of a society of hunters and fishers.

So, what is necessary for fishing and with what to start to prepare for it? The answer to this question, certainly, can interest, first of all, beginning fishermen. It is necessary to begin with elementary things - to buy all necessary tackles. To come into sports or hunting-fishing shop and to ask, that to you them have picked up in the complete set: a fishing tackle (a fishing-rod with a scaffold, a float and a hook), spare hooks, a scaffold, a corf , a jar for hearts. Later, when experience will come, tackles can be filled up, improved, made better. Before going on fishing, show fishing tackles to the skilled fisher and ask it to check up and set up them. Prepare a nozzle and go, it is desirable in the company with the knowing fisher, on the nearest reservoir. After the first fishing it becomes already clear to you that it is necessary to get in addition and what to make most. Ashore, you will get acquainted with various interesting tackles and ways of catching. Try to adopt all useful. Thus it is not necessary to be importunate - not all fishermen love, when during fishing to them approach with inquiries or requests. Do not take offence at such fishermen and subsequently do not become, such. Be more sincere and more generous.

However that process of development of amateur fishery was not tightened, we will tell, than skilled fishers have. They have a rich set of tackles: poplavochnye, ground and other fishing tackles, zakidushki, a spinning, mugs and many other things. All tackles are debugged and set up differently: for these or those reservoirs, these or those kinds of fishes; for catching, standing, sitting, in conducting, from coast, from a boat, from the bridge, for ice fishing. The fisher always near at hand should have spare hooks, a scaffold, leads, the replaceable adaptations allowing quickly to be reconstructed by preparation for fishing or during it. What first of all are necessary or tackles can be necessary, define by experience, being guided by knowledge of the local rivers, lakes, ponds and their inhabitants. The choice of tackles depends and from a way lova. Some catch mainly from a boat, others - from coast, the third combine both ways.

Corfs metal

Corfs: 1 - metal; 2 - kapron with hoops; 3 - kapron without hoops

To the Fisher not to do without a corf - the device for preservation in a live kind of the caught fish. In shops metal corfs are on sale, for example. Such corfs are good at catching from a boat. At catching from coast they are not suitable: in them fish tears off scales, will be crippled. It is better to buy or do the most universal corfs of a kapron grid. Can be useful to the fisher and nets for vyvazhivanija fishes. They also can be bought in shops, but it is possible also most to make the collapsible net which is easily finding room in a backpack. It is necessary to have and an ex-tractor for clearing of fish, especially predatory, from zaglochennogo a hook. In shops there are ex-tractors, they, as a rule, are effective enough. But many use tweezers, passatizhami and other. Narrow and long veterinary nippers-clips are especially convenient for vytaskivanija hooks. They are in shops of veterinary tools.

Cannes for malkov

Cannes for malkov

Not to manage at catching with spending the night without a small lamp with spare batteries. On fishing are necessary a penknife, and also napilnichek, nadfil or brusochek - it is necessary to correct or sharpen hooks. Many fishers buy or do easy collapsible stools. For winter fishing, besides, it is necessary to have a fishing box, a thermos for hot tea, ledobur or peshnju, a scoop for clearing lunok from ice, collapsible bagorik, and also the complete set mormyshek, winter blesen, lesok, fishing tackles. For summer, and in certain cases and for winter fishing the tourist backpack is necessary. Many fishing tackles and various adaptations can be got in the hunting, fishing and sports shops. However these tackles happen not always, and some - is extremely rare. On it the fisher-fan should care beforehand of acquisition of necessary stock, tackles, equipments.