Tackles for fishing

It is necessary for Each fisher-fan to accustom itself to the perfect order, care of fishing tackles and accessories. They should be in the complete set. We will tell, winter fishing tackles should be had several variants: poplavochnye winter fishing tackles with hooks, for catching with mormyshkoj and on I will flash. Donki too it is necessary to have different and in the complete set (more low they will be considered). Mugs - too. And so on. All should be at the fisher. The unprepared fisher to fishing which only ashore starts to adjust the tackles to untangle a scaffold, to adhere hooks, moreover asks something on loan from the associates, only irritates them. Therefore all tackles should be contained in absolutely debugged condition. All of them should be set well up, repaired, prepared for fishing and in appropriate way are packed: in covers, boxes, jars etc. The heaped, fishing tackles and accessories are confused and spoil. Gathering from fishing, home it is not necessary to hasten. Better naneskolko minutes to be late dole, but all tackles accurately to combine. That the accuracy not to detain with whom has together arrived on fishing, to gather to departure it is necessary to begin beforehand. Tackle houses also should not roll, anywhere. They should have a constant place - special kladovki, cases, boxes.

Considering that about some fishing tackles it is in detail told in the rybolovno-sports literature, in special magazines, we will only shortly stop on them and we will give bolshee attention to what require more detailed description.

Described fishing tackles widespread. However it does not mean that them it is possible to catch everywhere. In a number of regions some of them are forbidden. Therefore, that there were no the misunderstanding, to each fisher before to get these or those tackles, to do their most and the more so to catch them, it is necessary to consult in a local society of hunters and fishers.

Fishing tackles

Summer fishing tackles: 1 - poplavochnaja with a bamboo two-knee fishing-rod; 2 - a telescopic fishing-rod; 3 - a telescopic fishing-rod with rings and katushkoderzhatelem; 4 - a spinning

the Fishing tackle summer. the most widespread and all known tackle. Fishing-rods can be integral and the razborno-national teams, two - three - four-knee, screwed up, plug-in, telescopic, from integral or kleenogo a bamboo, polymeric, from fibreglass and other materials. Fishing-rods equip with coils or motoviltsami. Diameter of a scaffold and hook number choose depending on that fish whom are going to catch and which is in a reservoir. The sinker is not obligatory, unless at a rapid current. Slowly falling on a bottom, freely floating nozzle or nazhivka involve fish more.

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