Tackles for fishing

After the scaffold all is laid on motoviltse, start to pull an elastic band. Pull until it or will break, or cargo will move out from a place. If cargo has gone to coast it is necessary to try to choose an elastic band as it is possible faster to create inertia to cargo. Practice shows that the elastic band maintains even very heavy cargo, the truth, in the event that a bottom equal. If at the bottom there are stones, snags, rastitel nost and other hooks cargo will come off. Some fishers throw cargo with a safety scaffold. Upon termination of fishing cargo is pulled out from water not for an elastic band, and for this safety, or as it still name, a towing scaffold. If there is a boat remains both cargo, and an elastic band.

That it was possible to find cargo is easier, to it on a scaffold the anchor buoy with which help pull out cargo-anchor becomes attached. For convenience an elastic band connect to a lead for zabrosa cargo not tightly, and with the help karabinchika which can be bought in fishing shop or to make of a pin. It allows, having got cargo, to unhook it from an elastic band. The stretched elastic band itself will leave to coast. In this case at an elastic band torsion is eliminated - passing freely on water, it is levelled. At elastic band winding, however, and a scaffold, on motoviltse or shpulju it is not necessary to pull them. The elastic band should keep within with some sagging in order to avoid unnecessary loading.

Peshnja or ledobur? each beginning fisher by all means will have a similar question. Soon he will necessarily be convinced that it is necessary to have both that and another. We will explain why.

Ledoburom to use better, than peshnej . It at drilling lunok does not do so much noise, how many peshnja. Fish does not frighten. And peshnja, everyone knows, creates the booming sounds carried on all ice. And, nevertheless, without peshni not to manage. With peshnej, instead of with ledoburom it is necessary to leave on any fragile ice. And such it happens in the beginning ledostava when yet has not typed a necessary thickness. As its thickness on different sites of the river or a reservoir neodinakova. Freezes later and types durability ice there where there are springs, on river bends, on the middle, at a rapid current, at waves. Or when on thin ice it is a lot of snow. Under snow - is warmer, water gathers, ice does not freeze. Last spring ice is very dangerous. Sun beams wash away it, it becomes friable, is easily pressed through under weight of a body, and without any warning crackling. Here without check peshnej not to manage in any way.



Besides, good peshnja it is necessary to do the big ice-holes in ice at getting motylja. The axe in this business will not gain.

Under the form of a cutting part peshni happen the most various updatings. Factory peshni high quality, therefore fishers seldom differ, as a rule, do them. From here such their big variety. Is peshni, a chisel reminding by self or a chisel. At others an edge zheloboobraznogo sections, at the third - shtykovidnoe and so on. Is all-metal peshni, but more often - combined: the handle wooden, a knife - metal. Is folding peshni and not folding. Folding peshni consist of two and even from three parts. They it is more convenient at transportation. Some fishers manage to do the combined tools, combine ledobur with peshnej. At movement on ice to ledoburu by means of a bolt the knife peshni fastens. The cutting part ledobura thus remains on a place. In other cases cutting parts ledobura and peshni happen demountable.

Become peshni from a high-strength steel. The nizkouglerodistaja steel is not necessary, as the edge from it will be constant tupitsja. And stupid peshnja is one muchene. It is very good peshnja from a spring. The sting is sharpened under very acute angle. It can be both bilateral sharpening, and unilateral. The wide rake such peshni cuts ice easily and quickly, without creating thus a lot of noise.

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