Tackles for fishing

Some more words about benefit peshni. It is possible to do By it lunki the most various diameter - for small fish and for big. At ice drilling ledoburom apertures turn out quite sufficient size. However there are cases when the caught fish does not pass in lunku. Then it is necessary to expand it peshnej. But it happens so seldom that diameter lunki practically has no value. If the fisher obviously knows that in it ulove there can be large fishes it is better to use, of course, peshnej.



And nevertheless the majority of fishers use ledoburami . Many kinds ledoburov are issued by the industry now. And by fishers it is invented also much. They basically differ with a cutting part. Are equipped as demountable, regulated, and tightly fixed rectilinear edges and knifes, a spherical or cylindrical mill, perovoj with a head "spoon".

Ledobury are made mainly left rotation. Happen integral or from several parts, compound, developing.

Fishers independently produce quite good ledobury. The cutting part of one ledobura, at rotation reminds itself a cup. From here its name - "cup". But it is combined in manufacturing and demands special adjustment of knifes and their teeths.

Is much better itself has recommended ledobur type "spoon". The aperture becomes in diameter from 130 to 180 mm. Cuts ice quickly. In the course of fishing it is possible for them rassverlivat all time frosted over lunki.

Not too seldom at fishers it is possible to meet ledobur type "ring". This ledobur is good that they can do quickly enough lunki, and bolshego diameter, than others ledoburami. In factory execution it is issued four standard sizes: 120, 180, 220 and even 310 mm. But it is inconvenient at transportation.

The Greatest recognition at fishers has received "shnekovyj" ledobur with two easily removable knifes, rectilinear edges. The length shneka happens different - from 250 to 500 and more millimetres. Width - too different. The more widely, the it is more difficult to work. And still ledoburom ice is drilled by it very quickly at its any condition. Practice has shown that the artificial ice of a metre thickness is bored through by it approximately for 40-50 seconds at diameter of 120-140 mm. However, on drilling of wet and dirty ice of time leaves slightly more.

When lunka it is drilled, it clear of an ice crumb a scoop. The crumb not always emerges on a water surface, sticks to walls lunki, it should be cleaned off. SHnekovym ledoburom, moving it as the piston, clean lunku without the aid of a scoop. However in that case water pours out on ice. If on ice snow it becomes impregnated with water and on it it is not always convenient to settle down. But sometimes, when ice is not covered by snow and is transparent, it is necessary to pour out specially on it water. The splashed out water will make ice matte, and the fisher thereby as though masks.

For ledoburami it is necessary bolshy leaving, than for peshnjami. They contain in covers. The corresponding cover is put on an edge ledobura - rubber or plastic also. The cutting part ledobura should be very sharp. Each time before an exit on fishing should be checked an edge and if necessary to correct. Small brusochek it is necessary to take always with itself and on fishing. If on ledobur ice it is impossible for them to bang on ice freezes, forcing down namerzanie. To bring down namerzanie it is possible easy postukivaniem a small metal subject.

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