Tackles for fishing

There are still versions of fishing tackles: provodka and nahlystovaja, slightly different from poplavochnoj. The provodka fishing tackle has the truncated fishing-rod with the coil and a scaffold stock that it was possible to release on it large fish on considerable distances. The nahlystovaja fishing tackle has a long fishing-rod, thin, sometimes konusnuju a scaffold, small hooks. This fishing tackle is intended for fishing on insects and artificial front sights. However skilled fishers, as a rule, manage one kind of a fishing tackle, reconstructing it, when and as it is necessary.

the Spinning . Use mainly for catching of large predatory fishes. Equip a spinning heavy blesnami or blesnami in a combination to sinkers, and also various snastochkami with live, dead or artificial small fishes. The scaffold undertakes strong, diameter, as a rule, 0,4 mm and more thickly, length 50 m and more. Supply a spinning as inertial, and bezynertsionnymi with coils. It is easier to beginning fisher to use bezynertsionnoj the coil. Inertia blesny on it is extinguished by the special device, and the scaffold is not confused. But that each beginner felt the present fisher, it needs to try to catch on the inertial coil. That thus the scaffold has not got confused, the inertial coil slightly hold with a finger and thus extinguish speed. A spinning use and as a ground fishing tackle for catching of predatory and peace fishes. For catching of predators a spinning equip with a sinker and one-two leads with unary, double or threefold hooks on which cling zhivtsa. Prilovle peace fishes on krjuchkovuju spinning tackle nasazhivajut animal or vegetative baits.

Spinningovye of a fishing-rod happen one- and two-manual, one- and two-knee. And as modular and integral, plug-in, screwed up, collapsible. One-manual fishing-rods are easy, calculated on zabros by one hand. Their length usually 1,6-1,75 m and weight of 200 210 Length of two-manual 2,7 3 m, weight of 400-550 They are calculated on catching from open coast and reaches when around nothing disturbs. Throw such spinnings two hands.

Winter fishing tackles

Fishing tackles winter

the Fishing tackle winter. so it is a lot of winter fishing tackles what to describe everyone it is simply impossible. Continuously in our sports and hunting-fishing shops there are all new and new: electronic, samolovnye and others. But even more fishing tackles fishers do. To a beginner at the beginning most easier to use that shops offer. Then practice will prompt, than the fishing tackle is good also what lacks of it. So, for example, at one time in shops was winter fishing tackles (udilnikov) from polyfoam much. Their advantages: they are easy, hands from them not merznut. It is natural that it was necessary to liking to fishers. But lacks were soon found out also: even the small wind blew off them from ice.

If you like to design and have decided to make to yourself a fishing tackle of own design we will tell about experience of some fishers-fans. Their self-made fishing tackles are simple and convenient. Handles of fishing tackles cut out from an easy dry tree in diameter about 20-24 mm and length 120 mm. For udilnika use the zinced wire, cut it on pieces in length of 200-250 mm, bend so that it has turned out motoviltse, and hammer in the end into the wooden handle. That the handle has not broken up, in its end face drill an aperture which diameter is slightly less than diameter of a wire. If such fishing tackle intends for catching on mormyshku, it equip kivochkom. Kivochek (witness mark) can be made also most - of a string of a guitar, a mandoline, from pruzhinki, a scaffold etc. At poplavochnoj fishing tackles udilnika put on a slice of a nipple the end or hlorvinilovoj tubes for a cocktail. Under this nipple pass a scaffold. Skilled fishers use very thin scaffold. The beginner should take a scaffold in diameter 0,1, 0,15 or 0,2 mm. The float too can be made most - of a feather of a large bird, from polyfoam and other very easy materials. Hooks (usually one-two) fasten on small (about 20-30 mm) leads above gruzika. At catching on small depth gruzik it is possible to take small, some fishers replace it mormyshkoj, on which nazhivljajut motyl. If depth of a reservoir big small gruzik will fall too long on a bottom, in that case use lead drobinku in diameter 6-7 mm.

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