Tackles for fishing


Koromyslo: 1 - a wire triangle; 2 - osnovanja a scaffold; 3 - a stopper; 4 - vertljuzhok; 5 - a sinker; 6 - a lead

Some fishers supply fishing tackles, and also mugs with the adaptation from a wire, or from a guitar string in the form of one-humeral or two-humeral koromysla. The equipment complete set includes a vertljuzhok-stopper, cargo ground and gruzik povodkovyj (last is not obligatory). By means of such "koromysla" catch predatory (zhivets thus it is not confused round a scaffold), and also peace fish on various nozzles. Catch in the winter from ice, in the summer from a boat and others plavsredstv and surface constructions. It is possible to catch from coast, using " koromyslom " the same as donkoj or a spinning. At catching "koromyslom" the sliding float which all time will support tackle in vertical working position is necessary, or deep - in that case establish an additional signalling device on a water surface.

For winter fishing tackles adapt special small coils. It is better than the coil motovilets: the scaffold descends from coils equal, with motovilets - zigzag that quite often disturbs to timely cutting. The zigzag scaffold can be straightened. For this purpose its some time hold in the tense condition.

the Path . The tackle consisting of a long scaffold, trying to keep step boat, with artificial front sights, blesnami and other.


Mugs: 1 - factory manufacturing; 2 - self-made from polyfoam

the Circle and zherlitsa . These are two tackles identical inherently. The circle - freely floating tackle, consists of the coil or a piece of polyfoam with the reeled up scaffold, has gruzik and a lead with a hook. On a hook under the first beam of a back fin clings nazhivka - a small fish-zhivets. At poklevke the float-coil turns over a signalling device upwards: the scaffold is unwound, giving the chance to go fish. The fisher notices poklevku on a signalling device. ZHerlitsa represents more often rogulku with a scaffold. This rogulka fastens by means of a scaffold to various surface subjects: to hammered into a bottom kolu, to a branch naberezhnogo a bush, to a reed or a cane.

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