Tackles for fishing

Equipment of circles

Equipment of circles: 1 - with cargo-anchor; 2 - without cargo; 3 - for an oil cake; 4 - for porridge

Mugs and zherlitsy have the lacks. ZHerlitsu it is necessary to adhere to something that not always it is possible to make, especially on the lake middle. Fish withdraws a circle floating freely so far that zazevavshijsja the fisher not always finds it. To avoid these inconveniences, do something an average between a circle and zherlitsej. It is the same circle which only is not freely floating, and with cargo-anchor. Fish will not drag off such circle aside.

Its advantage: it can be established anywhere, on all water area of a reservoir or the river with a rapid current.


Zherlitsy: 1 - summer; 2 - winter; 3 - winter subglacial

For catching of peace large fish use and freely floating circle. In water lower in a hover so that it did not concern a bottom, a small feeding trough with hooks hanging down on leads. A feeding trough do of the spring which have been stuck round by any porridge, bread. Hooks, as a rule, freely hang down along a feeding trough or are located in the dough. The feeding trough can fall and on a bottom. In that case as the feeding trough basis lead cargo-anchor serves. Eating round a bait, fish clings to hooks.


Donka: 1 - motoviltse with a scaffold; 2 - an insulating tape (zabros); 3 - a sinker; 4 - a loop under an oil cake; 5 - an oil cake; 6 - leads with hooks

the Ground fishing tackle, donka, zakidushka. Versions of the same tackle, both without a float, and with a float. Thus we will explain at once that the float - usually is a stopper or a polyfoam slice - is necessary that leads have been raised over a bottom. In some cases it is quite justified. The float becomes attached in metre or one and a half metres from cargo. Donku at zabrose it is possible to hold for this stopper, it will replace to us habitual knot. The stopper will stretch a scaffold vertically. ZHivtsy will settle down not at the bottom, and will float in thickness of water.

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