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Witness marks for donki

Witness marks for donki

Donku on the coast, some fishers krepjat for the small peg thrust in coast which have been cut out from coastal bushes. The length of a peg - approximately 40 see the Top part of a peg split a knife. After zabrosa donki choose proweight, wind a peg two-three times with a scaffold, motoviltse put near to a peg, a scaffold jam in the top end of a peg and suspend on it a hand bell or gruzik. But to cut out each time pegs - means to harm to the nature. And not always ashore the catching place has bushes. Skilled fishers do such pegs of a wire in diameter of four-five mm. Their length - approximately 40-50 see they Are equipped hlystikom, pruzhinkoj or a piece of dense rubber in which for scaffold fastening the cut-splitting becomes. witness marks fishers carry a set of such pegs - with themselves in one cover with fishing tackles or in special small covers.

At deaf fastening one or two leads with hooks tie up to a scaffold behind cargo, at sliding cargo - ahead (cargo lies at the bottom, and the scaffold freely passes through it). Leads become attached to a scaffold on such distance from each other that they among themselves were not confused.

That it does not happen, it is recommended the basic scaffold, and each lead to connect slices of rigid rubber. Upon termination of fishing the elastic band can be moved on a scaffold and a lead and zakidushka it will freely be reeled up on motoviltse. Fixed thus, leads without hindrances descend with motoviltsa, are not confused by preparation of tackle for the next fishing.

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