Tackles for fishing

Donka for catching on an oil cake

Donka for catching on an oil cake

Skilled fishermen cast such cargoes in a metal glass for pencils. It is possible to cast them in the Valdai souvenir hand bell and in others formochkah. At outflow of cargoes it is necessary to remember safety measures. The form is strongly warmed up. It should be cooled in water, differently lead will long cool down. However at cooling by water, i.e. Form lowering in a pan with water, it is necessary to wipe or wait dry then for it while she will dry up. Otherwise even the droplet of the water which have remained in shape, at zalivanii the fused lead can cause explosion. And it is fraught with burns on a body, hands, the person.

Ashore, donka with an elastic band fastens the same as also usual donka - motoviltse with a scaffold it is wound two-three times round a peg thrust in coast, and the scaffold is passed through a clip in the top part of a peg. The elastic band tension should be weak, differently the hand bell suspended on a scaffold will not provide necessary proweight for a free tightening at poklevke fish. Simply it will not be visible poklevka.

At fishing with such donkoj it is necessary to get certain skill. First, it is necessary to accustom itself to a rule at once: both at zabrose or delivery donki, and at vytaskivanii from water, it is necessary to stack a scaffold so that it has not got confused. Before zabrosom the scaffold keeps within the big rings or zigzags on a pure site of coast, on the spread polyethylene film, a raincoat or on something the friend. If it not to make, the scaffold can be hooked for any blade or a stone and zabros will deteriorate, cargo far will not depart, the scaffold forms "beard". The Same can occur and at vytaskivanii a scaffold during fishing. Having grown exited, uvlekshis struggle against fish, pulling out it, it is possible to forget about a scaffold and to combine it ashore so that then you will not untangle. Therefore at vyvazhivanii, let even the biggest fish, it is necessary to look more not at extraction, and on how it is better to combine a scaffold that it not to confuse. The basic, without leads, it is possible to put a scaffold in one heap. When leads with hooks will go, they should be displayed away from the basic scaffold - the coast for this purpose will suffice. And secondly, it is necessary to learn to have control over a scaffold. If to let it go, the elastic band rvanet with such force that a hook can be stuck into a hand. Besides, the scaffold pulled out from hands will leave in water of the confused. Therefore, especially at removal of fish from a hook, at a nozzle on a hook of a worm or zhivtsa, the scaffold should be held, having intertwined it round one-two fingers. To despair of any case it is not necessary, all fishers once began with zero. Experience will come.


Knots for attachment of hooks, artificial baits, sinkers; connection lesok and leads

The question on is Essential also how to choose tackle from water after the fishing termination. If there is no boat or others plavsredstv if water cold and it is impossible to reach by swimming cargo-anchor arrive simply - at first accurately choose from water a scaffold, take up it on motoviltse, shpulju or spinningovuju the coil. Then stack leads and so that at following departure on their fishing it was easily possible to result in a working condition. Some fishers for convenience to motoviltsu on the one hand or from both attach polyfoam strips in which stick hooks.

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