Care of fishes

We Will begin that before to instal fishes, it is necessary to observe one immutable requirement - to subject to their quarantine processing. In these purposes it is possible to recommend before start of fishes in a pond to pass them through 3-5-процентный a hydrochloric solution. It will promote protection of fishes from diseases. Further it is necessary to establish such indispensable rule: fishes living in a pond are necessary for catching and examining periodically. If it not to do, it is possible not to notice, how fishes will be ill krasnuhoj. Therefore except bathing in salt baths fishes need to give the forage which have been got mixed up on water together with metilenovoj by a blue (an economic blue) from calculation 1-1,5 g on two kgs of a forage to which should feed fishes one, two weeks. If fishes all the same were ill krasnuhoj it is necessary to apply levomitsetin. The forage with this antibiotic, as follows prepares. It is necessary to take 0,5 l of water, to boil, allow to cool down to 90 degrees, then to mix it about 0,5 l of cold water in which it is dissolved levomitsetin, and again it is good to stir. This solution fills in 1 kg of a forage which is stood not less than 12 hours. It is necessary to prepare forages so much that it has sufficed all fishes. Course of treatment by such forage lasts five-six days at two-single feeding. If it is required, for a year spend such two courses.


the Umbrella-cape

It is necessary to see to it, that in your fish-breeding economy there was "a fish" first-aid set. First of all such necessary preparations should enter into it, as the cooking and bitter salt, margantsovokislyj kaly, formalin, ammonia, piretrum, malachite greens, copper kuporos. It is necessary to have and metilenovuju a blue for carrying out of antiparasitic baths, and also for struggle against various diseases (osarsol, kamalu, sulgin, fenatiozin and others). Except preparations it is necessary to have a syringe for medicine introduction in a mouth of fish, only instead of a needle it is necessary to put rubber kateter, and also the water thermometer and a pipette with divisions from 2 to 20 sm3.