Water plants and their value in a life of fishes

Air . At a plant from horizontally stretched rhizomes depart tsvetonosnye runaways and long kinzhaloobraznye leaves. Has a pleasant almost inaudible smell. Breeds, as a rule, vegetativno, rhizomes. From aira extract the essence used mainly in perfumery, medicine. In national medicine apply a powder of the dried up rhizomes to treatment of various illnesses. From young runaways prepare salads. Airom various fishes eat.

the Duckweed . Widely known smallest flower plant. Breeds seeds and vegetativno. Seeds and plants are transferred by birds, amphibious, water etc. The duckweed extremely interesting plant also draws to itself attention of many researchers.


6 - chastuha ordinary; 7 - rdest curly, 8 - rogolistnik; 9 - elodeja Canadian

Urut . At a plant long stalks with plumose leaves. Small pinkish or white tsvetki are collected in a cone towering over water. Forms thickets on depth from 0,3 to 2 m in reservoirs with oozy rich calcium a bottom. Urut plays very important role in a reservoir life. On its underwater meadows nerestitsja fish, its thickets serve as a refuge and simultaneously a pasture for small organisms, malkov and large fish.

Water sosenka. Height of all plant of 15-20 sm, a surface part - 1-4 see Underwater leaves thin and gentle, reach length 10 see Breeds seeds. Serves as a forage for fishes and water organisms.

Rogolistnik . Grows always in water, usually deeply, sometimes to 9 m. the Root at rogolistnika is absent, on a ground the plant is kept by means of the special branches getting into silt. Blossoms and is pollinated under water. Serves as a forage and a dwelling of fishes, water organisms.

the Jug yellow and a water-lily white. the stalk of a jug yellow represents the rhizome covered with numerous hems from fallen down chereshkov and pedicels. At a water-lily white - klubnevidnyj a root with strong vetvjashchimisja root shoots. Breed seeds and rhizomes. A valuable forage for okolovodnyh fur animals, water organisms and fishes. Jugs and water-lilies - rare plants, are brought in the Red book.


1 - a sedge coastal; 2 - susak; 3 - ezhegolovka; 4 - strelolist; 5 - hvoshch; 6 - rogoz; 7 - a reed; 8 - a jug yellow; 9 - rdest floating; 10 - water sosenka; 11 - rdest curly; 12 - rdest shining; 13 - a water-lily snow-white

Urut eared

14 - urut eared; 15 - a cane; 16 - rdest edge; 17 - rdest pronzennolistyj; 18 - urut mutovchataja; 19 - hara ordinary; 20 - rogolistnik, prikreplenyj to a bottom; 21 - rogolistnik, floating in thickness of water; 22 - a water moss; 23 - elodeja; 24 - nitchatye seaweed

As we see, the collection of plants is very great and various. Thus each plant, undoubtedly, has the advantages, carries out the important functions in the nature. The inquisitive fisher-fan for certain will become interested in them. It will enrich its knowledge and will help to become the skilled fisher, the present fan of the nature.

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